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MURAMOTO,YoshihikoNitride Semiconductors Co., Ltd. has established by the collaboration with Tokushima University. We took the initiative to develop high brightness Ultra violet light emitting diodes(UV-LED), and provide our products to the customers all over the world.

The compound semiconductor made from Gallium and Nitrogen is called nitride semiconductor and the blue LED is made of the same material. We realized 100nm shorter light emitting than blue LED that was thought impossible to produce.

The fluorescent lamp gets the light by the principle the ultra violet (UV) light that is occurred by the vacuum discharge activate the phosphor and Plasma display gets the full color picture by the same principle. As you know the UV light is the key of products that emit light.

At the field of lighting Thomas Edison developed the light bulb and from the time the fluorescent light has come on stage, there was no innovation of technology over a half century, so we have been still using the light bulb and the fluorescent lamp. In the mean time the electric products such as radio and TV has advanced rapidly and down-sized and high- performed because of the invention of semiconductors.

The reason is that it was difficult to produce high efficiency UV light emitting diode (LED). UV light has strong photon energy, so UV work on the other materials strongly and UV can transform materials in various ways. Sunburn of skin is the typical instance. Moreover UV-LED can emit full color light with phosphor, harden adhesives, and purify air by photonic catalyst and etc. Therefore UV-LED can be said that it is a dream the human beings aspire for a long time.

I hope that the UV-LED will replace all of light emitting products such as lighting and TV in near future, and applied many field and make our life abundant, furthermore would save the earth.

Dream beyond violet.

Light up the future by photonic cutting edge technologies.

Yoshihiko Muramoto

President & CEO


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