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What is µLED display?

The µLED display is expected to be a next-generation display applied to AR glasses and VR glasses as a self-luminous display made from long-life inorganic materials.
Currently, the mainstream of development is "3 color LED method" that obtains full color by applying three color LEDs of red, green and blue, but there are the following problems.
  1. The efficiency of the red LED is extremely reduced due to miniaturization.
  2. The electrical characteristics such as drive voltage are different, which complicates control with the IC driver due to the difference in red, green and blue LED chip materials.
  3. Mass transfer of fine chips is very difficult and must be done three times, resulting in low yield.

Therefore, two methods have been proposed because only one mass transfer is required and one type of current control is required. One is "Blue LED + RG phosphor method" that excites red and green phosphors by blue LED. The other is "UV LED + RGB phosphor method" that excites three colors of phosphors, red, green and blue by UV LED.
(* A display that applies an LED with a size of 200µm to 500µm square is distinguished as a mini LED display. A display that uses a white LED with a chip of 200 to 500µm square as a backlight is distinguished as a mini LED backlight LCD.)

3 color LED method

Blue LED + RG phosphor method

UV LED + RGB phosphor method


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