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What is µLED?

A micro (µ) LED is a minimal LED with a chip size of 100µm x 100µm or less. Photo images below are the comparison of how small the µLED size is with flour.
◊Edible flour : The particle size is Φ5 to Φ200µm (average particle size is 40 to 50µm)[Advanced Powder Technology Vol.29 No.5(1992)], and it has various shapes.
◊µLED : Size from 10µm to 30µm square, they have p and n electrodes, and emits light.

Size comparison of flour and µLED chip

µLED chip (12µm x 24µm)

Flour (Image: Provided by
Akita Prefectural Education Center)

Emission image of µUV LED chip


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