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Micro UV LED Chip (die)

Micro UV LED Chip size : 12ʂ x 24ʂ We can sell custom made micro UV LED chips with wavelengths from 385nm to 405nm.
Micro LED displays are being researched and developed as a next-generation display applied for AR glasses, VR glasses, and flexible displays. Because it is difficult to make efficient micro Red LED chips, we propose to apply micro UV LED chips instead.
We can obtain full color by exciting RGB phosphor by micro UV LED chips, and this method makes the mass transfer process and LED drivers simple, so its manufacturing cost is reasonable and looks realistic.
For detailes, please refer to the page of "Display" among "Applications".

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Micro UV LED Chip size

We can produce chip size, pitch, etc. according to your request.
Minimum chip size : 12µm×24µm
Thickness of the active layer after lift of the Sapphire substrate : 8~10µm

4-inch wafer forming micro UV LED chip
and chip enlarged image
Emission of micro UV LED chip

24µm × 24µm micro UV LED chip
compared to ball size (500µm) of ballpoint pen

Basic structure of Micro UV LED Chip

We have obtained a patent of high efficiency technology for micro UV LED chip by inserting pSLS and nSLS layers.

Electrical characteristics per chip size (385nm, reference)

Movie of RGB phosphor excited by UV LED

Emission Area of UV LED Module:20×24mm²
Current density converted to
micro LED chips : about 1mA/mm²
Emission of RGB phosphor film by UV LED


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