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GaN wafer
Product Model No. Overview Thickness Carrier density
n-GaN n-type GaN Wafer 2µm - 6µm Adjustable
p-GaN p-type 0.2µm - 3µm Not adjustable
undope-GaN - 0.2µm - 2µm -
Sensor Light / Photo-catalyst / UV-Curring / Phosphor Excitation / Chemical Analysis Equipment / Medical apparatus / Amusement
Product Model No. Overview Wavelength Note
Wafer NSxxxW Wafer 355nm - 375nm Epi wafer of UV LED structure
Chip NSxxxC-3SAA NSxxxC-3SAA 365nm, 375nm Bare chip
600µm x 600µm
NSxxxC-2SAA NSxxxC-2SAA 355nm - 375nm Bare chip
280µm x 280µm
Lamp CAN Ball lens type NSxxxL-5CLA NSxxxL-5CLA 365nm - 375nm High reliability
Flat leds type NSxxxL-5CFA NSxxxL-5CFA 365nm - 375nm High reliability
Resin mold Ball lens type NSxxxL-ERLM NSxxxL-ERLM 365nm, 370nm, 375nm, 400nm <<New product>>
Added 365nm,370nm version
The world highest power
NSxxxL-5RLO NSxxxL-5RLO 355nm - 375nm 355nm, 360nm are available.Directivity angle is approx.15°.
NSxxxL-5RLM NSxxxL-5RLM 365nm, 375nm Directivity angle is approx.30°.
NSxxxL-3RLQ NSxxxL-3RLQ 355nm - 375nm Directivity angle is approx.15°.
Flat leds type NSxxxL-5RFS NSxxxL-5RFS 365nm - 375nm Directivity angle is approx. 100°.
Power SMD NSxxxL-2SVR NSxxxL-2SVR 365nm, 385nm, 405nm <<New product>>
Compact and higher power.
NS400L-4SFH NSxxxL-4SFH 400nm This product is available only in stock because of out of production.
NSxxxM-CPLY NSxxxM-CPLY 365nm - 400nm This product is available only in stock because of out of production.
Module NSxxxM-55LR NSxxxM-55LR 365nm, 385nm <<New product>>
High-Density and High-Power module.
25 LEDs are mounted.
Product Description Overview Model No. Wavelength Application
LIMELIGHT 3D LIMELIGHT 3D LIMELIGHT - 375nm Irradiation equipment


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